DIY Addition Game

adding final 1

Make math more fun with this easy-to-make, frugal game! You can make it more difficult for older children by using higher numbers or doing speed rounds.


  • piece of poster board
  • 2 small pieces of paper (optional)
  • 2 paper cups
  • tape
  • scissors
  • 2 paper towel rolls
  • beads, paper clips, erasers, or other things to count
  • a basket, bowl, bucket or other container to catch the items
  • a marker to draw the plus sign!


    1. adding finalCut holes in the bottom of the cups big enough for the items to fit through.
    2. Tape the sides of the cups to the poster board so the cups are parallel to each other. Then tape the paper towel rolls directly under the cups, but slightly angled toward the center of the poster board. That way, when you drop your items into the cups, the paper towel rolls will act as funnels.
    3. If you like, you can write a plus sign on a piece of paper and tape it between the cups. You could also write it directly on the poster board. Do the same for the equals sign and tape it to the basket underneath.

    Start doing math! If there are several children, you can make teams.