Curious George Pinwheel

pinwheel final

Curious George is curious about everything, and so are kids! Explore the concept of wind with this fun Curious George pinwheel craft and activity. Simply download the templates, then print them out for some interactive learning. The kids and I completed the construction of our pinwheels in under 10 minutes and then talked about wind as we blew air into our pinwheels. Then we went outside to see if the wind would make them spin. It was a great project to introduce concepts such as speed and force to the kids in a tangible way.

Click HERE to make a Curious George Artwork Hanging Vine


  • a printer and printer paper
  • the downloadable Curious George pinwheel template in color, black and white, or Spanish
  • scissors
  • thumbtacks (adults handle these)
  • unsharpened pencils


  1. pinwheel 2Print out your pinwheel template and cut out the square shape of the pinwheel.

  2. Cut along the dotted lines on your square, stopping a couple of inches before you reach the center. Follow the pictorial instructions on the top of the template and fold every other corner as you move around the square. pinwheel 3The tips of the corners you fold should lie nicely in the center.

  3. Next, use a thumbtack to punch a hole through the center of your folded pinwheel, tacking together the points of your folds.
  4. pinwheel 4

  5. Press the tack in the center of the pinwheel into the side of a pencil eraser and you are finished!

pinwheel 1

Go use your pinwheel outside!

Click HERE to make a Curious George Artwork Hanging Vine

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