Creating a White-on-White Holiday Tablescape

Classic All-White Holiday Dinner Party

Decorated solely in shades of white, event designer Camille Styles uses the tone-on-tone style in this dining room to create a holiday soiree which blends timeless elegance with a wintry aesthetic. The key to creating an all-white tablescape that’s not flat or sterile is to layer different shades along with a mix of textures and metallic accents.

Sea of White

In addition to tabletop decor, the entire interior of this traditional dining room is wrapped in shades of white, from the coral chandelier to walls covered in off-white grass cloth and wall paneling.

Mixed Shades

Seating choices play a pertinent part in the success of an all-white tablescape. Here, modern side chairs covered in a greige tweed help add to the tone-on-tone effect of the decor, but offer more durability than ultra-white upholstery which wears quickly and stains easily.

Glass + Metallic Accents

When decorating spaces for holiday entertaining, it’s important to consider individual areas within a single space to ensure a cohesive look. Carry the tone-on-tone look to surrounding sideboards, buffets and bars. Here, a serving buffet is lightly decorated with metallic and glass accents in the same off-white and champagne tones seen on the dining table.

Sophisticated Place Cards

In addition to a mix of different whites and textures, shape and sheen play a crucial role in the success of a white-on-white tablescape. Stylist Camille Styles creates placeholders from jingle bells, cream card stock and nude-toned satin ribbon to introduce new shapes and sheen to this holiday table.

Splash of Sheen

Chargers offer an excellent opportunity to play up tone, texture, finish or pattern &151 all key elements to a well-balanced white tablescape. Here, chargers featuring a metallic champagne finish are used to break up the monotony of the color, helping the tableware to stand out from the ultra-white tablecloth.

Touch of Texture

For a textural touch and pop of metallic, a runner featuring a cut-out, faux crocodile relief pattern is placed down the center of the table.

Unexpected Hues

Silver-rimmed salad plates are mixed in with solid white plates to create visual separation while also tying the metallic accents of the runner in with the entire ensemble.

Outside Light

Natural light is the key to ensuring the proper color values of each tone; however, when a white-on-white tablescape is lit artificially or with candlelight, each shade will be strongly influenced by bulbs or flames, causing the colors to read more warmly with yellow undertones.

All-White Arrangements

Floral elements are often the most expensive part of tabletop decor; however, supermarket flowers can look chic with the proper editing. To create a white-on-white floral centerpiece that’s elegant and cost-effective, choose different species of white flowers ranging in a mix of shapes and textures, then edit out any filler such as baby’s breath or leaves. Bunch the different species together in a well-balanced range of heights, then place in a mix of different vessels.

Elegant Reflections

In addition to well-coordinated dinnerware, chargers, linens, runners and flowers, consider adding ambient light to your tabletop with polished pewter, brass or silver candlesticks. Once placed among the all-white elements, the shape and finish of the candlesticks will add depth while also bringing a warm glow.