A garden bridge in your own garden will be a kind of landscaping that will give a royal and natural look to your garden. A pedestrian bridge over the River Thames is also known as the Garden Bridge.

Garden bridges can add a touch of class if you have some water features or pebble pathway in your garden. Garden bridges can be made with either wood or metal and have a decorative appeal. There are many different styles of wood like the classically arched to the Japanese inspired models. Metal bridges are made of wrought iron that has many intricate designs, but one good thing about these metal bridges is that they are very sturdy and durable and you need not worry about staining or finishing as you would with wood. Arched or flat bridges can be put over garden features like a small creek or a ravine. Garden bridges available are sometimes even as long as 14 to 15 feet and can be placed over small decorative pools so one can just sit on the bridge instead of swimming. Garden bridges often come with guard rails and these are especially helpful as it prevents children from falling off the bridge. Some bridges have wooden handrails while others come with chain guards. But the best material for a bridge is natural wood as it is safe during rain or snow as it keeps you from slipping.

A garden bridge definitely brings some enchantment into your garden creating a fairy tale magic.