Craft Punch How-To


Photography by: Bryan Gardner

Cutting through a few different materials with your paper punch can help improve its performance. Try these three suggestions.

1. Lubricate

Waxed paper lubricates a sticky punch, which helps it cut more smoothly. Punch a piece a few times. Test the punch on regular paper after each cut. Repeat as needed.


Photography by: Bryan Gardner

2. Prevent Mangling

Even a brand-new punch can have trouble cutting thin tissue paper. For best results, lay the tissue on top of copy paper and then punch: The paper’s heft will keep the tissue from getting caught and puckering.


Photography by: Bryan Gardner

3. Sharpen

Cutting through aluminum foil will sharpen a dull paper punch; the method is similar to that of sharpening a knife. Punch the foil multiple times and test after each; repeat as needed.