Confetti Easter Egg Poppers: Festive, Fun, Functional!



– Eggs

– Tissue paper

– Scissors — fringe cutters and regular

– Craft glue

– Confetti

– Card stock paper

– String


Step 1:

Use a knife to create a hole at the bottom of the egg, approximately 3/4 inch wide. Drain egg into sink and rinse. While egg is drying, cut pastel tissue paper into 1/2-inch-wide strips, and use fringe scissors to cut strips into fringe .


Step 2:

Starting at the very bottom, draw a narrow ring of craft glue around the egg and carefully place pieces of the tissue fringe along the glue. Cut off excess fringe. Repeat up the egg, spacing fringe strips 1/8 inch apart.


Step 3:

Fill egg with lots of confetti.


Step 4:

Cut a 1-inch circle out of card stock paper and puncture a small hole in the center. String 5 inches of twine or yarn through the hole and knot on one side. Tape the knot to secure. To add a name tag to the poppers, cut a small rectangle out of card stock and hand write or stamp name onto tag. Then, string tie the tag onto the end of the twine.


Step 5:

Insert card stock circle into egg opening with string hanging out. Use these as place cards. Then, at the end of the meal, have your guests pop them open by pulling the string!