Concrete Paver Walkway

Concrete paver

All you need to install concrete pavers is a firm, smooth base of sand and some sweat equity. Held in by sturdy edging, concrete pavers are easy to install and offer many of the virtues of concrete. Establish the width of the path by laying out a row of pavers. Choose a layout that requires minimal cutting. Your path should be at least 3 feet wide. Keep the path at least 2 feet away from trees, large bushes, and hedges.

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What You Need:

  • Redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated 2x4s
  • 2×6 for screed
  • Stakes
  • 8d galvanized common nails
  • Weed barrier: PVC sheeting or weed-block fabric
  • Pavers
  • Sand


1. Build the base. After laying out your walkway, excavate to a depth of 6 inches. Install 2×4 edging, mitering joints and staking every 4 feet. Level across the walkway. Tamp the soil firm, removing any roots 1/2 inch or more in diameter. Add steps if the walkway must incline more than 10 percent.

2. Form the bed. Install the weed barrier. Make a screed from a 2×6, notching it equal to the thickness of the pavers. Add enough sand to form a 2-inch layer. Screed the sand to form a level bed. Moisten and tamp the sand until it is well packed and smooth.

3. Set the pavers. Cut the blocks by first scoring and then cutting them with a baby sledge and a brickset. Use a framing square to true up the courses every few feet. Finally, spread sand on the walkway. Sweep away the excess and moisten. Repeat
this process until the joints between the pavers are filled.