Composite decking – modern technology for the patio design

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Composite decking or WPC technology can not be considered a novelty, as the technology appeared in the 1990s, and has already quite firmly taken its place in the designs of decks, patios, balconies, porches and pool decks.

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The abbreviation WPC stands for wood plastic composite or wood polymer composite.

What is a wood-polymer composite?

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You can guess the nature of this material judging by the name. It combines wood fiber and polymer, the origin of which may be natural or chemical. WPC thus combines the best properties of plastic and wood.


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Composite decking boards are an interesting material, durable, lightweight and quite durable. They are made with resistant color pigments that do not fade in the sun.

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Composite decks have a few variations – polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene, polyethylene. The differences are determined by the type of the polymer added as well as the percentage of the polymer.


Composite decking – a material with a long life span


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Composite decking or WPC decking is a durable material with relatively low weight, and is resistant to moisture and insect pests.

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WPC does not require additional painting, it is tolerant to mechanical damage and in addition to these important characteristics, it is installed very easily.

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Due to the low water absorption composite boards do not rot and extreme cold does not influence their shape.

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The technical specifications and properties of composite floorboards determine that they would bear temperature of -50 ° C to + 80 ° C or higher.

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All these characteristics distinguish composite materials from ordinary wood which needs further treatment and constant care.


Composite decking installation


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 The process of composite decking installation is very simple. Boards are easy to cut at any angle. In general, the assembly technology is quite identical to the installation of wooden floors.

Composite decking maintenance


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The maintenance of composite decking is really simple and not much time consuming. You need to sweep the rubbish, or wipe the dirt.

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When washing your composite deck you need to choose the detergents carefully, because it is not recommended to use acid-based ones. You should not clean composite decks using hard tools.

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