Coiled Snake Craft

I love to craft with cardboard tubes. After all, they are readily available and a craft surface that is really easy to work with–especially for kids. These cute snakes are colorful and fun and allow your kids to express their creativity using their favorite colors.


  • a cardboard tube that can be cut up
  • tube from wrapping paper or similar tubular item
  • two googly eyes (optional)
  • toothpick (optional)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paint


  1. snake 1Paint the inside and outside of the cardboard tube. Apply second coat if needed.
  2. Cut the tube into coils. If your cardboard is still a little damp, it might not hold its round shape. Using the tube from wrapping paper, or something similar, wrap the cut cardboard around the tube loosely. Use the handle end of a paintbrush to add polka dots to the cardboard with a contrasting color of paint. Let dry completely, then flip over on the other side and finish your polka dots.
  3. snake eyesRemove from tube and wrap the painted cardboard in coil fashion around your fingers. Place the coiled cardboard on the table. Paint one end with red and let it dry. This will be the head. Meanwhile, glue on the googly eyes just above the red part, adding the glue with a toothpick if desired since they are small.
  4. After the red paint is dry, use small scissors to snip the end into a forked tongue. An easier option, if your kids are smaller, is to cut a forked tongue from red construction paper, snip the end of the cardboard to cut off the point, snakes doneand glue that paper tongue in place instead.
  5. Enjoy your sssssssnakes!