Choosing an outdoor umbrella – sun protection for patio or backyard

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Sunlight is something wonderful and we want to enjoy it as much as possible during summer, but a sunscreen is still important. An outdoor umbrella offers a pleasant shade, so you can enjoy the summer outdoor, on the deck or in the garden.

However, you can not move a fixed canopy for sunbathing and only a few models can be adjusted to provide protection from the weather and temperature.

 Portable outdoor umbrellas

cantilever outdoor umbrella adjustable canopy patio sun shades

When choosing your patio umbrella you need to be aware of the size both of your patio and the umbrella itself. Some models may be too big for a small patio but others would fit perfectly is smaller spaces. Another important factor that you need to consider in advance is the height of the umbrella and the possibility for adjustment so that you can change it at will to provide an optimal sun protection. The fabric of the canopy is the third main element that is of significance. Most modern outdoor umbrellas are manufactured with UV-resistant fabrics.

 Outdoor umbrella designs

sun protection modern cantilever outdoor umbrella dining furniture

It depends on your taste and preferences what type of outdoor umbrella you will choose. They differ in size, pole material, pole position, canopy material and canopy shape. Cantilever umbrellas are very convenient as they provide shadow without the pole being in the way.

patio sun protection ideas modern umbrella design outdoor umbrellas ideas

Freestanding umbrellas offer greater flexibility as they can be moved around to shade the spots where you need most. You also need to decide on the frame material – metal or wood as well as the type of stand. We will show you some fantastic and innovative outdoor umbrella designs which will provide the sunshade for your outdoor area and will be a beautiful decoration for your garden or patio.


large patio umbrella cantilever umbrellas white rectangular umbrella

Creative modern design

stingray umbrella patio sun protection ideas modern patio umbrellas

 A classic umbrella fixed through the center of the table

Square wind resistant umbrella patio umbrellas ideas outdoor sun shades

 A rectangular umbrella with modern design

patio design swimming pool modern outdoor furniture rectangular umbrella

 Cantilever umbrellas provide a convenient shade

contemporary patio design outdoor dining furniture

Large rectangular umbrella

outdoor umbrellas off set umbrella blue rectangular canopy

 Original umbrella with large white canopy

modern patio umbrella with stand cantilever umbrellas ideas

A circle shape with side post

outdoor umbrella design ideas eclipse side post round canopy

 Elegant lines and modern aesthetics

patio deck sun protection modern outdoor umbrella design

modern patio design ideas creative outdoor umbrella design sun loungers

modern large rectangular outdoor umbrellas design ideas

garden sun protection ideas outdoor umbrella outdoor stone fireplace

contemporary patio sun protection ideas off set umbrella square shape

contemporary patio design outdoor furniture coffee table

Cantilever umbrella outdoor pool modern patio design ideas sun shade

cantilever outdoor umbrella white square canopy adjustable height