Celebrating Christmas at the White House Through the Years

Covered in white chocolate, the gingerbread White House 2009 measures 56 inches wide, 29 inches deep and weighs almost 400 pounds. The “house” also features a miniature kitchen garden and Bo, the first family’s dog. Christmas 2009

Two 15-foot trees in the Cross Hall are decorated with pinecones, gold leaves, glass balls and ribbon. Christmas 2009

Bouquets in the State Dining Room rest on tables that are ready to be set for almost 30 holiday parties at the White House this season. Christmas 2009

Former first lady Laura Bush and White House chief florist Nancy Clarke enter the East Room. Nancy was one of the first people to welcome the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, to the White House in 2001. Christmas 2008

The White House gingerbread decoration, located in the State Room, featured a drum and fife band as well as former first pets Barney, Miss Beazley and Kitty in a rooftop sleigh. Christmas 2008

The wooden eagles atop each wreath in the East Colonnade were carved by Texan artists. Christmas 2008

More than 300 ornaments representing national parks adorn the tree in the Blue Room. Christmas 2007

The tree in the Palm Room, chosen by Laura Bush to highlight the nation’s seashores for 2007, was covered with 12 types of shells and weighed about a ton. Christmas 2007

This “snow-covered” tree in the Cross Hall featured dozens of gold balls and butterflies. Christmas 2007