Urban Gardening Secrets

July 29, 2017 gotaidea 0

Urban Gardening: Windowsills, Rooftops & Balconies Even if you live in an apartment in the middle of an urban canyon, don’t despair — you can […]

An Urn Bubbler

November 23, 2016 gotaidea 0

You don’t have to spend lots of time and money installing a pond to bask in the calming sights and sounds of a water feature. […]

Save Money in the Garden

November 23, 2016 gotaidea 0

Whoever coined the phrase “dirt cheap” never shopped for garden goods in a modern garden center. Drop a few bucks here for compost and perennials, […]

Arizona Landscaping

November 23, 2016 gotaidea 0

From short growing seasons to high elevations, subzero temperatures to triple-digit desert extremes, Arizona landscaping packs a lot of gardening challenges into one state. But […]