Cardboard Spring Bunnies: Video

Spring is here! Hop to this bunny craft with just a few toilet paper rolls and some paint. Once you’re done playing with the bunnies, you can stuff little bags of jelly beans inside and tuck them in a basket!


  • toilet paper rolls
  • a marker
  • scissors
  • paint and paintbrushes


    1. tpbunnies-longDraw the shape of bunny ears on your toilet paper roll and then draw a line all the way around the back of the roll, around the ears.

    2. Cut out around the ears and all the way around the back of the toilet paper roll. You can make the part in-between the ears straight across or curved a little, like the top of a head.

    3. Paint the entire toilet paper roll in any color you wish!

    4. Paint a face on your bunny. We painted eyes, a nose, a mouth and whiskers. Next, we painted a little pink inside the bunny ears.

    Allow your paint to dry and you are all set. Hoppy spring!