Cardboard Pirate Finger Puppet

PBS-pirate-finger-puppetFinger puppets are fun, quick and easy to make with kids of all ages. It also encourages pretend play and storytelling. Follow these instructions to make this pirate finger puppet.  Make one or make a whole pesky crew.  Arrrr!


  • thick cardboard
  • duck tape/washi tape
  • pipe cleaner
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • black marker


    1. cardboard-finger-puppet2
      Cut the cardboard into a rectangle, slightly wider at the bottom than the top. Round the corners.
    2. cardboard-finger-puppet3
      Cover the lower half with duck tape—which will become the pirate’s clothes.
    3. cardboard-finger-puppet4 Punch two holes in the base large enough for fingers to poke through comfortably. Punch two smaller holes at the sides for the arms.
    4. cardboard-finger-puppet5 Thread a pipe cleaner through the holes for the pirate’s arms. Curl the ends of the pipe cleaner to make safe the pointy ends.
    5. cardboard-finger-puppet6Cut a beard out of brighter duck tape and draw on the mustache. If you don’t have duck tape, just use paint. Draw on the eye and eye patch with a black marker.
    6. Wrap a little scrap of fabric around the head and knot to the side to add the finishing touch to your pirate puppet.

    Ahoy! Your cardboard pirate finger puppet is ready to hoist the anchor and set sail!