Cardboard Houses

My daughter has been seeking out small and low spaces (chairs, tables, my desk, my skirt!) and I wanted to give her a cozy crawl and play space where she wouldn’t bump her head or get stuck. I tossed in some of her favorite toys, along with her quilt that she loves to snuggle with. Enjoy making these cardboard houses with your own kids—and for a collapsible version (because not everyone wants a huge box sitting in their living room 24/7), click here.


  • one full-size box
  • another box (or partial box—you need this extra piece of scrap cardboard to construct the roof)
  • duct tape
  • a craft or utility knife


    (Download instructions with diagrams, courtesy of Jenn Kirk)

  1. finishedTurn the box on its side so the opening is perpendicular to the floor. Cut off the top entirely and save this part for the roof. Tape together the flaps of the box.
  2. The piece you saved is half of the roof. Cut ¼ or so off—if you want a steeper roof, cut off more.
  3. From another box, cut out another roof piece that is the same size as the first. Tape them together at an angle, to form the peak of the roof.window
  4. Tape the roof and house together.
  5. For the window on the big house above, make a cross with duct tape, then box it off with four strips of tape. With a craft or utility knife, cut out the four squares inside the window “panes.”
  6. If you don’t like the triangular opening in the back that the roof makes, lay the house down on its backside, trace the triangle onto another piece of cardboard, cut out, then attach with tape. Add a “trim” around the edges with more tape.peekaboo

  7. Enjoy your home, sweet [cardboard] home!