Bug Houses

bughouse1 copy

Perfect for a cool summer camp project or favors at a bug themed birthday party, these bug houses are a fun and educational craft for kids!


  • oatmeal or other round container
  • nylon window screen
  • paint
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • craft knife


    1. bughouse-longDraw windows and a door on the container.

    2. Cut out the door and windows with a craft knife. Be careful!

    3. Cut a large hole in the lid and then paint.

    4. Cut a length of screen to cover the windows and doors. It’s easiest to cut it to the circumference of the container. Apply hot glue to the inside of the container (this is the trickiest part) and affix.

    5. Cut out a circle of screen larger than the hole you cut in the lid. Glue it.

    6. Place leaves, rocks and whatever else your kids would like inside.

    Option 1: Catch bugs for the house. Keep them for a short observation period and then release them.

    Option 2: Create little bugs out of clay or paper to stick inside for pretend pets and play.