Bring Spring into Your Home with Green Decor


Pulling out shades of green (and blue) in the walls with accessories.

With the arrival of spring on the East Coast, I suddenly have found myself surrounded by so many fresh, lush, and rich shades of green, and now I have fallen in love with this color all over again. A piece of evidence from this love affair is the recent repainting of my own bedroom in Farrow & Ball’s Green Blue No. 84. I am always amazed at the depth of Farrow & Ball’s paint, and this color is no exception. Appearing more blue in some light and green in others, this color is fresh and very calming all at once.


I decided to pair my walls with some emerald-green accessories, which really pull out the green hues of the walls. Grouping books with like-colored bindings is a quick and easy way to add personality to any space — not only to get to see a natural gradation of color, but it’s a fun way to showcase a bit about who you are.


A soft green paired with a leopard pillow adds depth to a neutral space.

Accessories are a great way to bring in color if you’re feeling gun-shy and aren’t ready to commit anything serious (like my green walls). Don’t worry about matching tones perfectly, just try to use the color in a few different ways (even if it’s subtle) so that it makes sense with the space and doesn’t feel random. In this neutral living room for example, we matched the chair to the green from our client’s favorite piece of art. And since the rest of the room is quite muted, we chose a soft green.


Looking for ways to start bringing this versatile color into your own decor? Here are a few of my favorite picks:

1. Add to your art collection with one of Miriam Aroeste’s beautiful ink on archival watercolor paper paintings.
2. Yukutori Wallpaper, inspired by a mid-20th-century Japanese painting. “Yukutori” means birds flying away in a group.
3. Fiddle Leaf fig tree (Find them at your local nursery). These resilient trees are gorgeous and low maintenance (they even manage to survive my own black thumb).
4. If you’re looking for a small pop of color this spring, these glasses are fabulous and affordable!
5. Splurge on a rich velvety piece of upholstery like this chair from the Future Perfect.
6. I can’t get enough of this adorable and luxurious little stool! Flexible seating at its finest.
7. Look green with envy with one of these emerald shell mirrors.
8. Get cozy with a cashmere blankie!
9. These little trio snack bowls are perfect for entertaining. Place some olives, nuts, or dip inside and hors d’oeuvres are taken care of.
10. Lounge in style with one of these beautiful Designer’s Guild throw cushions.

Interiors designed by Gillian Segal Design. Photography by Tracy Ayton Photography.