Block-Painted Hide-and-Seek Rocks: Video

These rocks are a craft project and an activity rolled into one! If you don’t live in an area where it’s possible to collect rocks, they can be purchased inexpensively at most craft and dollar stores. We are using a “block painting” technique with this craft, which means we are creating a contrasting color design. To make a sharp line to divide the two colors, we simply use masking tape.


  • rocks
  • paint
  • paintbrushes
  • masking tape


    1. rocks longFind and collect rocks or, if you don’t live in an area where you can do this, you can find them at most craft stores.

    2. Paint the rocks all over in one solid color. Allow to dry.

    3. Cover one half of each rock in masking tape. Paint the uncovered side in a different color than the covered side.

    4. Remove the tape and allow the paint to dry. You now have block-painted rocks!

    5. Here’s the fun part! Once all the rocks are dry, hide them around your house or in your yard. Next, have someone find the rocks.

    Repeat and play as many times as you wish!