Best Friend Dolls – Toilet Roll Crafts


We just love making with toilet paper tubes in our house – making dolls to act out engaging story lines from Peg + Cat, the chicken coop, superhero adventures, princesses parties and today, with summer holidays in mind, we made best friend dolls for pretend play fun in the sun.

There is nothing I love more that to eavesdrop on my daughter playing with these handmade dolls in her playroom, chatting one minute, singing the next. Makes me smile xx

Toilet roll crafts are perfect for kids age 5+, or for you to enjoy making together.


  • toilet paper tubes
  • decorative tape or washi tape
  • flesh-colored paint and brush
  • felt and yarn for the hair
  • glue
  • markers


    1. Toilet Paper Roll DollsPaint the tops of the toilet paper tubes with the flesh-colored paint.
    2. Toilet Paper Roll DollsWrap the decorative tape around the paper tube to create the clothes.
    3. Toilet Paper Roll DollsCreate the boy’s hair with felt and then glue around the tube.
    4. Toilet Paper Roll DollsTie a bunch of yarn together to create the girl’s hair.
    5. Toilet Paper Roll DollsGlue the yarn into the inside of the toilet paper tube.
    6. TP-Roll-DollsDraw the face and any details you would like on the clothes.