Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Gardener

Best Father's Day Gifts

Updated for 2016!

It’s that time of year again … time to find the perfect gift for that special gardener in your life! Whether that person is an experienced gardener with a garden shed full of tools or is just starting out and has only a few implements to work with, there’s something in our Father’s Day Gift Guide for every Dad out there.

And, by the way, we’ve personally tested and reviewed each of these products. Just click on the image or title to read the full review.

Best Gardening Gifts Under $25

Shovel Sling Review

Shovel Sling
This unique invention lets you easily carry up to 70 lbs of long-handled tools with just one hand. If you’ve ever tried to carry a whole bunch of gardening tools, you know what a juggling act it can be. Made in the USA with high quality materials, the Shovel Sling comes in bright colors (so you won’t lose it in the garden) and solves a common frustration for gardeners with a well-designed product that’s easy to use. I’ve used it to carry rakes, shovels, loppers, and even a string trimmer!

ThermaCELL Mostquite Repellent Review
ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Device
Now that summer’s on the way, the mosquitoes are out in force. The ThermaCELL device emits a repellent that keeps mosquitoes and other biting insects away within a 225 square foot area. It uses a butane cartridge to heat up a small mat that’s soaked in mosquito repellent (don’t worry, there are no open flames). There’s no need to hose yourself down with DEET and there’s hardly any odor (there’s also an “earth scent” one that’s perfect for hunting). It’s not just a gimmick – it really does work.


Ultimate Hose Nozzle
Tired of sprayers that don’t even last one season? Made out of high-grade stainless steel, non-corroding brass, reinforced fiberglass, and Santoprene rubber, the Ultimate Hose Nozzle is built to last. Even after three years of mistreatment, mine is still going strong. It’s available in a variety of colors, has five different spray patterns, and can be taken apart for cleaning. Note that it’s not as effective with low water pressure, but in normal pressure conditions it’s an exceptional nozzle that’s practically indestructible. And it’s great for washing cars.

Duluth Trading work gloves review

Work Gloves from Duluth Trading Company
OK, so work gloves aren’t technically “gardening gloves”, but for heavy-duty work like building stone retaining walls, spreading gravel, or carrying firewood, these tough, flexible, and comfortable gloves are definitely a must-have. The gloves have reinforced finger tips, padded palms, and a Velcro closure at the wrist to keep out debris.

Best Gardening Gifts Under $50

Earth Talon shovel review

Earth Talon Shovel
The Earth Talon shovel is specifically designed for use in rocky and hard clay soils. Overall, it looks like any well-designed shovel – but with part of the blade shaved off. That 2-inch point is intended to focus energy (the force you exert when digging) into a smaller surface area, increasing the digging power of the shovel blade. In other words, you can dig deeper and easier with all of your energy focused on that point. And yes, it really works.

Lesche Digging Tool Review
Lesche Digging Tool
An incredibly versatile tool that will take the place of several others, the Lesche Digging Tool is made in the USA with heat-treated steel that can be used not only for digging, but for prying up paving stones, moving rocks, digging through gravel, and so much more. The serrated edge cuts through tough stuff while the flat edge slices cleanly. It even comes in a left-handed version.

ARS HP VS8R Pruning Shears Review

ARS Pruning Shears
ARS produces some of the best pruning tools on the market (in my opinion they’re even better than Felco). These have a rotating handle (practically a must-have if you do a lot of pruning) but are also available with a regular handle and come in three sizes. I love the single-handed “squeeze-open-lock system”, incredibly hard blades (meaning less sharpening required), and easy availability of spare parts. These are my go-to pruning shears and are well worth the price.

Special Offer $34.95
Bionic ReliefGrip Garden Gloves
Great fitting gloves that are tough yet supple can be hard to find. These fantastic goatskin leather gloves fit the bill perfectly. With Lycra inserts at each joint to make movement easier, and padding at each pressure point to prevent blisters, the gloves are comfortable, long-lasting, and machine washable. These gloves are normally $39.95 but we have a special offer of $5 off for GPReview readers with coupon code GPR2015.



Corona ComfortGEL+ Extendable Bypass Lopper

This is one heck of a heavy-duty, telescoping, compound-action lopper. The handles stay put and the blades cut cleanly through even the toughest wood with ease. The cutting head is heavy when the handles are extended to full length but the extra weight is more than made up for by the extreme cutting power.

Best Gardening Gifts Under $100

A compact, lightweight, battery-powered blower that makes those annoying sweeping and cleaning tasks easier and faster. This is not a heavy-duty leaf blower but if you’re looking for a convenient tool to clear off the deck, patio, garden beds, etc., then it’s a good option. There are also a bunch of attachments to inflate balls, deflate air mattresses, clean out nooks and crannies, and more. I use it all the time and my yard has never looked tidier!

Duluth Trading work clothes

$69.50 (pants)
$44.95 (shirt) On Sale
Men’s Dry on the Fly Nylon Cargo Pants and CoolPlus F.O.M. Action Shirt from Duluth Trading Company
Made of tough 5.6-oz. 100% nylon, the pants wick sweat away, dry quick and keep Dad drier when working up a sweat on hot days. This fabric is also incredibly tough stuff yet surprisingly soft, with UPF 40 sun protection, double knees, tons of pockets, and a specially designed Crouch Gusset® for greater mobility for climbing a ladder or kneeling in the garden. The high-performance, ripstop fabric shirt is light yet tough, wicks away sweat far more effectively than cotton, and has UPF 50+ protection to effectively block 98% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Mesh insert panels in the bi-swing back deliver extra cooling power and the clever pockets helps stash all your stuff and keep it secure.

Best Gardening Gifts Under $150

$103.09 + $15.99 shipping
Liberty Garden 713 Revolution Multi Directional Hose Reel
The Revolution Rotating Hose Reel is the first wall mounted hose reel to rotate 360 degrees. Features 24 locking positions to help wind and direct the hose to your desired location. This industrial-style, all steel hose reel can hold up to 100′ of 5/8″ garden hose. With a solid brass swivel, 18 gauge steel construction and a powder coat finish, it’s built to last. Plus it’s easy to install. This is the best hose reel we’ve seen yet.

Weed dragon garden torch review

Weed Dragon Garden Torch
Does Dad seem to spend a lot of time pulling out weeds? Then he’ll love this “flame thrower” weeding tool. Simply point the nozzle at the weed, pull the trigger, and fry those weeds into oblivion – there’s something very satisfying about watching them shrivel up. It’s particularly useful along paved or gravel areas where other weeding tools can’t penetrate. I recommend that you also buy the dolly (about $54) to make it easier to move the propane tank around.

WORX GT2.0 String Trimmer Review
WORX GT2.0 MaxLithium String Trimmer/Edger
This lightweight, adjustable, and convenient string trimmer converts from a trimmer to an in-line edger in seconds with no tools. With a 32-volt cordless MaxLithium battery, it has enough power to get through tall grass and runs long enough on a single charge to get around an average size lawn. It has a 12-inch cutting diameter with automatic 100% single line feed (no bump) and a quick-release lever for fast telescopic height adjustments to the 90-degree tilting shaft. Dad will love the convenience of an easy-to-use tool without the hassle of a long cord or having to add gas. And if Dad’s using power tools, don’t forget safety glasses. We recommend these John Deere glasses from Wiley X – strong and stylish, and also available as sunglasses!

$99.95 or $149.95
Special Offer
$10 & free T-shirt
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GreenStalk Stackable Planter
The GreenStalk planter is a nice solution to a common problem – effectively and efficiently growing plants in a small space. It’s well-designed, easy to use, allows you to grow a huge number of plants in a very small area, and keeps those plants evenly watered. For Dads who love to BBQ with spicy sauces and peppers, the GreenStalk is awesome for growing hot peppers! Plus you can grow an entire kitchen garden in only 3 square feet.

For Dads With Large Gardens

Electric Wheelbarrow review
Approximately $2,000, depending on model
Electric Wheelbarrow
If you have a lot of heavy material to move (such as compost, soil, gravel, manure) then this wheelbarrow will save your back. It’s a sturdy, well-designed wheelbarrow that runs for a full day on a single charge (plug it in overnight), moves easily and quickly, dumps the full contents with little effort, and goes backward as readily as it goes forward. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

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