Beefsteak plant

Beefsteak plant


Part Sun,




1 to 3 feet


1-3 feet wide

Foliage Color:


Special Features:

Good for Containers,
Low Maintenance

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Stem Cuttings

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'Blazin Lime' beefsteak plant

‘Blazin Lime’ beefsteak plant

Iresine ‘Blazin Lime’ bears rich green foliage and bright golden veins on a 3-foot-tall plant.

Beefsteak plant

Beefsteak plant

Iresine herbstii offers small deep-red flowers with lighter red veins on plants that can grow 4 feet tall.

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Dusty miller

Dusty miller

Dusty miller is a favorite because it looks good with everything. The silvery-white color is a great foil for any type of garden blossom and the fine-textured foliage creates a beautiful contrast against other plants’ green foliage. Dusty miller has also earned its place in the garden because it’s delightfully easy to grow, withstanding heat and drought like a champion.



Verbena is a spreading plant ideal for cascading over retaining walls, pots, baskets, and window boxes. As log as the soil is extremely well drained, verbena will reward gardeners with countless clusters of small blooms all season.It’s fairly drought-tolerant, making it a great choice for hanging baskets, rock gardens, planting in cracks between stones, and other tight places. One annual verbena, ‘Imagination’, is a standout for taking the hottest, driest conditions. It will even do well in a clay strawberry pot!

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