“Arrr” You Ready to Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Mateys?

1. Dress the part: Heave ho! In this video we pulled from the arrrchives, Martha has fun role-playing as the ship captain while her “deckhand” shows us how to craft a convincing pirate costume. But batten down the hatches: This getup is only the start!

Make the Pirate Costume Accessories


2. Board the ship: All hands on deck: It’s time to build a sailboat. You can craft this one by collecting odds and ends found around the house — think onion bags as fishing nets or Life Savers candies as miniature buoy rings. This idea is sure to float any lad or lassie’s boat. Anchors aweigh!

Make the Toy Boat


3. Sail the high seas: Avast ye! Want to craft something that will make some serious waves? Capture the spirit of the high seas with this ocean diorama using a sardine tin and nautical details like a map, shells, sailor’s rope, and paper cutouts of creatures from beneath the sea.

Make the Ocean Diorama


Photography by: Bryan Gardner

4. Rig the masts: Thar she blows! Knotted cotton cord and glinting hardware give these accessories a nautical twist. Make one for yourself and all of your shipmates, and you’ll all start to feel like bona fide freebooters (even if you still don’t know your port from your starboard).

Make the Sailor-Inspired Jewelry


Photography by: Gentl & Hyers

5. Remember, X marks the spot: Pirates are known to be a little, um, shellfish with their buried booty, so don’t hold back in filling up your hand-decorated treasure chest with heaping mounds of gold doubloons. This loot is worth protecting from any who would pillage for it.

Make the Shell Treasure Box


6. Raise the Jolly Roger: Pirates go hand-in-hand (or, we suppose, hook-in-hook) with this Jolly Roger skull-and-crossbones motif. Touch up an old frame with some glitter and use our downloadable template for a devilish decoration that any scallywag would love.

Make the Skull-and-Crossbones Silhouette


7. Befriend a parrot: “Polly want a cracker?” A pirate captain is nothing without a feathered sidekick. But you don’t have to keep this crafty critter perched on your shoulder. This easy mask (it calls for only five materials) puts a fun spin on the classic pirate parrot. And in case you’re wondering how parrots came to be affiliated with pirates, watch this video, in which animal expert Marc Marrone talks with Martha about the legendary love pirates had for their pet birds. Shiver me timbers — we never knew!

Make the Parrot Glasses


Photography by: Mike Krautter

8. Be the shark, not the bait: These deep-blue sea cupcakes represent the scourge of the seven seas: sharks. No seadog would want to encounter jaws like theirs — especially when they were sentenced to walk the plank!

Make the Shark Cupcakes