An Easy Way to Hand Print Your Holiday Gift Tags



  • Styrofoam plate or takeout food container
  • Color construction paper or other heavyweight paper
  • Paint (acrylic, gouache, or printing ink)
  • Rubber print roller
  • Sharp pencil
  • A tray coverered with foil or disposable aluminum pan
  • Silver or gold felt pen
  • Hole punch

cut-styrofoam-1027.JPG (skyword:196558)

How to Make the Holiday Gift Tags:

1. Cut the Styrofoam plate into shapes or squares, using only the flat area of the plate or takeout container.

design-trace-1027.JPG (skyword:196560)

2. You can either draw your design onto the Styrofoam directly with a sharp pencil or you can print out an image, place it on the Styrofoam and trace over it. Either way, make sure you press firmly with the pencil to make an indentation in the Styrofoam. Try to use a simple design, as intricate lines may not show up well in this printing process.

plate-gift-tags-ink-roller-1015.jpg (skyword:197921)

3. Put some of the printer’s ink in your aluminum pan. If you don’t have printer’s ink, you can use acrylic paint or gouache.

4. With the roller, roll over the paint back and forth to spread a thin layer in the pan and to cover the rubber roller.

roller-design-1027.JPG (skyword:196566)

5. With the roller, roll a thin layer of paint onto your design on the Styrofoam. Work quickly so that the paint doesn’t get too dry.

6. Carefully place your Styrofoam with ink side down onto your piece of paper. Press down on the Styrofoam.

card-gift-1027.JPG (skyword:196571)

7. Carefully peel off the Styrofoam and see what you printed! While your printed card is drying, you can re-ink your Styrofoam to print another card. You can make multiple cards with the same design or with different color paper or ink. Note: Make sure to wash the roller before switching ink color.


Tips: You can embellish your gift tag with a gold or silver felt pen. You can also use a hole punch to put a hole in the top corner of your gift card so that you can attach it to your gifts with ribbon.


These handmade gift tags will give your holiday gift giving an old-time feel, with a festive touch.