An Easy Little Log Cabin Your Kids Will Love Making

cabin-materials-0314.JPG (skyword:238781)


8.5 x 11-inch sheets of paper

Foam board (cut into a square)



Hot glue gun

Acrylic paint

cabin-roll-0314.JPG (skyword:238782)


1. First, roll a single sheet of paper on a diagonal as tightly as you can, to make a long roll; tape the end to secure it. Repeat this until you have about 40 rolls. (This will keep the little hands busy for several glorious minutes!)

cabin-tape-0314.JPG (skyword:238783)

You might need to use a few extra pieces of tape along the roll so that it won’t unravel when they are trimmed to size. Remember, tape is your friend!

IMG_8992.JPG (skyword:238796)

2. Trim the edges of the rolls and then cut the rolls in half, so that your rolls are all about 5 inches long.

cabin-build-0314.JPG (skyword:238835)

3. Using the hot glue gun (with help from an adult), glue layers of the paper rolls around the edge of the foam board (cardboard works too) square to build the four walls of your cabin. Repeat until you have ten layers of paper rolls on each side.

cabin-angle-0314.jpg (skyword:238838)

4. Add seven more layers of paper rolls to the front and back sides, trimming the roll for each layer so that it is shorter than the one before. This will form a point so that you can add a slanted roof.

cabin-roof-0314.jpg (skyword:238841)

5. Add the roof with the rest if the paper rolls by glueing the rolls on each of the steps, on the sides of the front and back walls of the cabin. You can also cut a door to the cabin with a sharp carpet knife. You can also paint a door — which is much easier!

cabin-done-0314.JPG (skyword:238907)

6. Paint your cabin with acrylic paint. I like to use a light brown on the bottom half and a darker brown for the roof. Let the paint dry and your log cabin is ready for playtime.


I hope you have fun with this kids craft!