American Flag Cup Wreath

cup wreath final

Ever since our flagpole broke, I haven’t been able to show my U.S.A. pride to our friends and neighbors. I’ve wanted an American wreath for the holidays for a while now. I needed something I could make quickly, that was kid-friendly, and that didn’t require a whole lot of supplies.


  • red, white and blue paper cups (we used 10 blue, 12 red and 10 white)
  • glue gun and glue
  • a ribbon for hanging
  • a ruler (optional)


  1. cup wreath 1Start by stacking the cups. Space them out enough—an inch or two, depending on the size of cup you chose—that the stack can be angled into a circular shape once it’s glued together. We used a ruler for this.

  2. Glue the cups together by putting dabs of glue about halfway down the outside of each cup, below the lip of the cup it’s stacked into. You only have to put glue on one side, because the other side won’t be touching other cups. Once your stack is long enough, you can start angling the cups into a circular shape.cup wreath 2

  3. After you complete your circle, let it dry. Then tie your ribbon around any part of the wreath and hang it from your door or window.

Happy Fourth!