Amate Bark Paintings


Try your hand at Mexican Folk Art this Hispanic Heritage Month for a cool and creative project.


  • 6 x 9″ brown or tan paper (paper bags or craft paper works well as does construction paper)
  • Black “Sharpie” marker
  • Tempera paints in red, white, yellow, green and blue (to make regular tempera paint stand out against the brown paper, add a bit of white to the green, yellow and blue. It’ll brighten it just enough)


      1. amate-longPour a small amount of paint on your paper plate and paint your small twig. Set it aside to dry completely. Wash off your paintbrush.


      1. Squeeze a line of glitter glue across your maple seeds and use your paint brush to cover your seeds with the glitter glue. Let the glitter glue dry completely.


      1. Once the paint on your twig is dry, use your tacky glue or a hot glue gun to glue your small black beads onto the end of your twig for the dragonfly eyes.


    1. Once your glitter glue is dry, use your tacky glue or a hot glue gun to attach your maple seed wings onto your dragonfly.

    For additional ways to take this further, head to Deep Space Sparkle.