Adorable dog house designs for the comfortable living of our pets

modern luxury dog house two storey house

Dog’s life, they say? Well… We have collected 20 amazing dog house designs which will show you that sometimes people can envy at the style of living of the dogs.

Some owners create such dog houses which duplicate their own house or harmoniously fit into the overall design of their garden.

Dog house designs – a cozy corner outdoors

stunning dog house design colonial style luxury house

We are not going to talk about indoor living of the pets. Many owners prefer to create a cozy corner outdoors where the dog could sleep, run or just lie. When selecting a dog house design, it is important to take into account not only the size but also the materials from which it is made.

Luxury dog house ideas removable roof

Every owner of a pet knows quite well that the place where the dog lives needs constant maintenance and cares – it has to be cleaned and tidied up. From a purely practical point of view, a very convenient solution would be houses with removable covers. When the cover is easily removed, the dog house can be quickly cleaned or washed.

Dog house designs – a variety of ideas and forms

dog house plans trailer small dog home ideas

Dog house designs feature various types and kinds. Designers and owners constantly offer surprising new solutions and create real masterpieces. Today you can find houses in the form of castles, or in high-tech style and a house which looks like an ordinary one but is equipped with air conditioning, a porch and even dog’s furniture.

cool dog home designs fairytale castle

In the attempt to secure the most favorable living conditions, dog houses with air condition systems get more and more popular not only in hot climate zones but in zones with cold weather conditions. In this way, owners make sure that the pet will be comfortable and convenient under the sun or in rainy and snowy weather. Check these exclusive dog house designs and find the best one for your own pet!

 Amazing dog home idea

amazing dog house ideas dog mansion design

Sloping ceiling house for the pet

wooden dog home with deck sloping roof

A charming home for the dog classic style

Luxury pet house design  ideas dog home idesign deas greek style

outdoor dog house ideas big dog house shutters porch

Luxury dog home

stunning luxury pet house design  ideas dog home balcony wrought iron fence

Dog’s furniture in a cozy house

luxury pet house designs dog furniture flower pot

modern luxury pet house dog mediterranean villa style

luxury pet house designs dog veranda

dog house plans wooden house sun shade rain protection

dog house plans wooden house sun shade

dog house plans woden dog house tiles

patio ideas dog house plans flower decoration

cute dog house plans green roof

Creative dog home design ideas building street lamp