Add Color to a Room With Bold Slipcovers

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to use color when designing large spaces. In this sitting area, a festive red couch is coupled with patterned slipcovers for an extra splash of color. Lightly painted walls, vaulted ceilings and open windows let in an abundance of natural light, making this space immediately warm and inviting. Design by Helen Richardson

Going Colorful

Brightly striped slipcovers are both fun and functional in this living space. Crisp, white cabinets make the perfect backdrop to the focal-point fireplace, while an array of green hues helps create a soothing and unified design. Design by Shane Inman


Shane Inman

Give It Texture

If you’re looking to design a calm and relaxing space, cool colors provide the perfect palette. In this living area, warm neutrals and cool grays work collectively to create a casual retreat. Adding texture instead of color can be a fun way to add personality to any space. Design by Rebekah Zaveloff

Unified Design

Uniform pieces work well in small spaces. In this sitting area, peach-colored slipcovers adorned with button details are used to create a cozy and casual lounging area. With natural light flooding the room, this conversational sitting area can quickly turn into a relaxing reading nook. Design by Erinn Valencich


Erinn Valencich

Less Is More

When trying to make a statement with bold colors, sometimes less is more. In this living space, repeated patterns are used on the coupled pieces, while the armchair is showcased in a bold blue hue. Being the only source of color, the armchair easily becomes the primary focal point of the space. Design by Leslie Saul

Welcome Florals

Looking to give your pieces an inexpensive, custom-made look? Floral slipcover designs are back and ready to play. These antique-inspired floral patterns look especially stunning in cottage designs. Pairing them with different patterns and textures, like these plaid accent pillows, adds dimension. Design by Tanya Griffin


Tanya Griffin