A Paper Flower Artist Shares Her Secret to Magical Blooms


Photography by: Susan Beech

1. How did you become involved in the world of crafts as a maker?

About three years ago, I found myself wanting a change and to go back to making with my hands again. I was reading a crafts magazine and stumbled upon paper flower making and was immediately drawn to it. I had never seen anything like it before, the flowers were beautiful and I really wanted to learn how to make them.


Photography by: Susan Beech

2. Why paper flowers? What inspired you to explore this particular craft?

I took an online class in the early days with The House that Lars Built — her flowers really inspired me and I also bought a vintage booklet off eBay, which helped me to learn more of the traditional techniques. From there, I started designing my own flowers and methods of making.


What I love most about paper flowers is how romantic they are and I love to try and exaggerate this in my work. They have such a lovely, almost vintage feel to them. There are so many possibilities with colours and what you can make that I never get bored.


Photography by: Susan Beech

3. What technicalities should we know about paper flowers? (In terms of tissue paper versus crepe paper, preferred brands, the materials needed to make them, etc.)


I’ve only ever made flowers from crepe paper, although I would like to experiment with other papers. You can create such a lovely shape with good quality crepe so I’ve always carried on working with it. My favourite papers are from Cartotecnica Rossi: they have a great variety of colours. Most paper flowers are built around a piece of floral wire just like florists use and a good tacky glue is great for gluing everything together. So not that many materials are required, although you do also need lots of time because it can be a very time consuming thing to do.


Photography by: Susan Beech

4. Do you have any personal tips or tricks to making paper flowers?

I would say to keep variety in mind when you work, so if you are making a bunch of the same flowers, vary the amount of petals to make things more natural. Studying a flower before you begin making it is always a good idea — either in real life or through photos. I would also recommend having fun and experimenting with different papers and materials. Sometimes, lovely things can come from just spending a few hours with no particular end result in mind.


Photography by: Susan Beech

5. Do you have a favorite flower?

I would have to say ranunculus. It’s layers and colors are so beautiful and I love seeing masses of them together. I never tire of making them either!


Photography by: Susan Beech

5. Paper flowers are definitely having a moment in the DIY world. Why do you think people love them so much?

I think people are seeing how beautiful and unique the flowers are. It is so easy to be drawn in by them and people want to learn how to make them too. It’s becoming more and more clear how useful they can be — from displays to events, weddings and gifts and unlike real flowers they can be kept forever.


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