There are different sun shades

Sun shades are used in order to tint the windows of your car so that the sun light may not enter your car directly. They are available in a number of different types and styles. Some of the common types of sun shades are described below.

Outlook auto shade:

An outlook auto sun shade is designed by the Australians. It is meant to cover the whole window of a vehicle. It has the ability to pull down when ever you want to tint the window. The outlook auto shade is claimed to have the ability to filter almost 90% of the ultra violet lights coming from the sun.

Britax 2 easy cling window shades:

As the name suggests, these sun shades have an easy cling nature. This shade has two different coatings on both sides. One side contains a plastic film coating while the other one comprises of a mesh fabric that offers 30+ UPF. You need to remove the shade from the package and then put the film-backed surface against the window glass after unfolding it.

Brica stretch to fit sun shade:

This is a shade that has the ability to stretch in order to fit windows and doors of different sizes. This shade does not offer any rating for UPF unfortunately. So it is not a very safe choice.

Clip pasafe fun sun screens:

These shades are ideal to use if you have kids who ride in your car. They have cute pictures drawn on them.