9 Budget-Friendly Backyard Ideas

1. Build Your Own Fire Pit

Get a free plan to build this project yourself.

2. Transform Cast-Off Vintage Furniture

Hearken back to the days of sitting on your grandparents’ porch by thrifting old metal chairs. Breathe new life into them with a fresh, bright coat of paint.

3. Illuminate with String Lights

Cast a warm glow over your evening get-togethers with versatile, find-anywhere string bulbs that offer plenty of light at little cost.

4. Divide Perennials and Double Your Inventory — Trade with Friends for Even More

Dividing perennials on a regular basis isn’t just a great way to save money — it’s also good for your plants. Repeat patterns and bolster your flowerbeds with more of what you already have. Had your eye on a friend’s prized peonies? Broaden your gardening horizons by trading her for some of your famous daylilies. Learn how and when to divide perennials.

5. Save Water with a DIY Rain Barrel

Cut down on your summer watering bill by capturing rainwater. Avoid purchasing an expensive barrel by creating your own in seven easy steps.

6. Plant Long-Lived Perennials

Peonies, daylilies, hostas — these plants are garden favorites for a reason. They’re durable and come back year after year with little fuss. See our 16 favorite perennials with staying power.

7. Create Your Own Stepping-Stones

Add color and direction to your garden path with surprisingly durable fabric-covered stepping-stones. Learn how to make them yourself in just four simple steps.

8. Build an Easy Bench Out of Concrete Blocks

For just $30 and an afternoon, you can create a concrete-block bench. Stack blocks, cut and cover a plank with scrap fabric, and adorn with existing pillows for a comfy and character-filled seating area.

9. Install Your Own Dry-Stack Wall

Fit  found or purchased stones together for a one-of-a-kind garden accent that can serve as a border, retainer, or simply a focal point. Click here for more dry-stack inspiration.