8 Tools for the Beginner Gardener

It’s easy to go overboard with purchasing gardening tools. The latest equipment promises a new level of expertise previously unrivaled, not to mention ease of use. But these things can take up a lot space, cost a lot of money, and be over-specialized. Instead, focus in on getting the basic tools that can assist you with almost any gardening endeavor.

  • 1. GlovesWhile gardening can be a wonderful hobby, it can quickly turn into a thorny and splintery hassle without the right pair of gloves. Ensure that you purchase a durable pair that is not too bulky. Keep them from too much sun, water, and insects while storing.

  • 2. Hand TrowelTrowels are wonderful for planting herbs, digging around corners and taking out weeds. If your gardening budget will allow, get a hand trowel that was forged from stainless steel or at least a trowel with a stainless steel head. This will ensure durability and longevity.

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    Hand trowel.

  • 3. SpadeThese short-handled square shovels make easy work of digging holes for plants and moving small mounds of dirt from one area to another. Grab a spade with a strong steel head and a thick fiberglass handle. This tool can be more on the pricey side, but a good spade will last you the rest of your gardening life!

  • 4. RakeWhen leaves and debris fall, your sturdy inexpensive plastic rake is there to whisk them away. An essential tool indeed, you will not be disappointed with the cleanliness of your garden.  

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  • 5. HoeYour type of garden will dictate what type of hoe is best for you. A veggie garden may require a sturdy, wide hoe. If you have perennial gardens, a more delicate touch and a thinner hoe may be required.

  • 6. Long Hose with Adjustable Nozzle and Rain WandWater is the foundation of your garden’s life. It is imperative that your hose can spray every area. The adjustable nozzle puts you in control of the water pressure. And with the rain wand, fighting to wind a hose is a thing of the past.  

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  • 7. LoppersIf you have anything in your garden that needs to be “lopped,” such as trees or shrubs, you will soon be in need of a hardy pair of loppers. Able to remove branches up to a two inch diameter, this essential tool should be in every shed.  

  • 8. WheelbarrowIf your backyard has extra soil, uses compost, or if you are installing your garden yourself, you are a prime candidate for a wheelbarrow. A two-handed wheelbarrow runs about $80 and can help you haul hundreds of pounds!

By investing in these eight essential gardening tools, your shed will house everything it needs to keep your gardening beautiful and growing.

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