8 Miniature Flower Arrangements You’ll Love

  • Vintage bottle

    Vintage bottle

    The narrow neck of an antique ink bottle eliminates the need for florist’s foam or tape by holding in place the tiny stems of grape hyacinths, periwinkle and bleeding heart.

  • Porcelain doorknob

    Porcelain doorknob

    An upside-down porcelain doorknob holds just enough water for a few blooming stems, such as flowering quince and dogwood.

  • Shot glass

    Shot glass

    A simple arrangement of white and purple pansies looks lovely in a crystal shot glass.

  • Miniature pitcher

    Miniature pitcher

    Once a part of a children’s play set, this 1 1/2-inch-tall glass pitcher is perfect for showcasing blue forget-me-nots, creeping phlox, grape hyancinth, and Johnny-jump-ups.

  • Tumbler


    A brightly colored tumbler or juice glass becomes a vibrant vase with a fistful of pink and white bleeding heart, candytuft and yellow alyssum.

  • Espresso cup

    Espresso cup

    An espresso cup turned mini vase houses a bright display of forsythia, pansies and daffodils with sprigs of pussy willow for contrast.

  • Salt or pepper shaker

    Salt or pepper shaker

    Blue and white Siberian squill seem to just pop out of this clear-glass salt shaker. If the holes on your shaker are too small to fit the slimmest stems, remove the cap for a less structured arrangement.

  • Crystal doorknob

    Crystal doorknob

    A single twig of flowering cherry seems to float in a crystal doorknob.