8 Clever Ideas for Apartment Plants


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8 Clever Ideas for Apartment Plants

Getting your green thumb on is easy when you’re living in a spacious house with a yard. But apartment and condo dwellers need to get creative when they want to bring the outdoors in. Luckily, we have eight easy ideas here.Producer: Angela Ufheil

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  • Vertical Garden

    Bring the outdoors inside

    For many across the Midwest, home is an apartment or condo, not a house. And while a high-rise might offer great city views, it usually lacks a backyard with space for gardening. Which is too bad, because digging in the dirt can improve sleep, decrease stress levels, and more.

    Apartment dwellers need not despair. Indoor plants give many of the same benefits as outdoor ones (some have even been shown to purify the air), and having leafy greens around creates a calming atmosphere. Plus, they’re just plain pretty. That’s reason enough to try one or more of our ideas for apartment gardening and natural decorating, including creating a vertical garden like the one pictured.

  • Vertical Garden

    Vertical gardens

    If your apartment lacks counter space, plants that hang on the wall like a painting could be your best option. Find a vintage frame you love and hit the hardware and garden stores for everything else you need.

    How To Create a Vertical Garden

  • Stylish indoor plant display

    You can toss a house plant in the corner and call it a day. Or, you can design a sweet-yet-sophisticated display to show off a variety of foliage (and your artsy side). Find more inspiration here: 4 Ideas for Stylish Indoor Plant Displays.

  • Basil varieties

    Grow some basil

    Basil is the workhorse of indoor plants. The easy-to-grow herb thrives in sunny windowsills. And just think of all the dishes you can flavor with basil’s distinctive taste.

    7 Bold Basils to Grow at Home

  • Succulent Centerpiece

    Succulent centerpiece

    A cake stand provides the base for a succulent collection that doubles as a centerpiece. A piece of florist’s foam hides beneath the rosy exterior and keeps plants hydrated.

    How to Create a Succulent Arrangement

  • Flowering maple

    Flowering houseplants

    As long as you’re getting some green into your apartment, you might as well choose plants with colorful blossoms, too. The flowering maple seen here is rarely without blossoms as long as it’s well cared for. Check out more luscious options at the link below.

    10 Top Flowering Houseplants

  • Creative Terrarium

    Creative terrarium

    Create a self-contained woodland scene that delivers a touch of green without adding to apartment clutter. Added bonus: a layer of moss retains moisture, cutting down on watering needs for this tiny piece of forest.

    How to Make a Creative Terrarium

  • Spring Branch Displays

    Branch displays

    Trim a few spring branches from a friend’s yard and place them in a cute container with some water. This approach also works in the autumn when the leaves change.

    10 Beautiful Spring Branch Displays

  • Hardy Indoor Plants

    Pick the right indoor plant

    A novice indoor gardener may run into a few problems along the way to a fully developed green thumb. Luckily, these low-fuss plants can survive curious pets, inconsistent watering and more.

    Pick the Right Indoor Plant