6 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed for the Beach


Photography by: Yunhee Kim

The problem: Sandy devices


The DIY solution: Electronics and water don’t mix; we don’t have to tell you that. Keep your devices safeguarded from water splashes, sand particles, and sunblock splatters with a fabric cover-up. Choose a patterned oilcloth to cut, fold, and stitch into a protective pocket.

Make the Beach Cover-Ups


Photography by: Ellie Miller

The problem: Flyaway beach blanket


The DIY solution: That cool breeze is oh-so refreshing until it whips up your blanket and everything with it! Here’s a hassle-free way to keep track of your essentials while keeping your beach blanket secured to the sand: Sew four pockets into each corner.

Make the Beach Towel with Pockets


The problem: Waterlogged book


The DIY solution: One of the best ways to pass the idle hours spent in the sun? Undoubtedly, it’s lounging back with a good book. Notice that we didn’t say “sopping-wet” book. Choose oilcloth or vinyl fabric to sew a book cover that repels both water and lotion.

Make the Waterproof Book Covers


The problem: Toting heavy beach chairs back and forth


The DIY solution: Carry a seat to the beach — no hands. To do this, weave a six-foot-long dog leash along one of the chair’s rails so that it’s supported at each end, fasten the clasp to the leash handle, and hang the strap over your shoulder. This leaves your hands free to carry other things.


The problem: Too many bags to carry


The DIY solution: With some sewing, you can turn a few matching bathroom towels into an all-in-one beach mat and tote bag. Additionally, you can the stuff the pocket with a soft item to make a pillow. Now that’s multitasking!

Make the Beach-Towel Tote Bag


The problem: Blustery ocean breeze


The DIY solution: That store-bought umbrella just isn’t going to cut it. Bring along this windscreen to protect yourself from blowing sand, as well as to enjoy a little surfside privacy and shade. Plus, the built-in pocket lets you keep your water bottle, magazine, and sunglasses within easy reach.

Make the Portable Windscreen

If you need extra visual help, Martha shows you how to make the windscreen below: