6 Dining Room Paint Colors We Absolutely Love

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Photo by Tracey Ayton Photography

Gorgeous in Grays

Muted gray tones have a seriously stunning effect on a space when combined with light shades of blue. A dining room with ash gray walls framed by white window molding feels ethereal, especially when accentuated by dining chairs in a lighter shade of gray.

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Photo courtesy of Carolyn Miller / Laurel & Wolf

Nice and Neutral

A neutral color scheme doesn’t equate to a boring dining room. Dare to dress up your nudes and whites by mixing styles, such as pairing an industrial table with both traditional and coastal-inspired rattan chairs. You can also add flavor to a neutral space by introducing lots of accessories and art to the walls and table.

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Photo courtesy of Emily May / Flickr Commons

Bright and Sunny

A color scheme with a muted shade for its base can still have a warm and bright effect on a space. The ashy walls of this dining room are complemented by vibrant yellows and stark white décor for a look that evokes a sunny feeling.

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Photo courtesy of Caitlin Murray / Laurel & Wolf

Dark and Eclectic

Black isn’t often recommended as the main shade in a color scheme, but this small dining area does it right. By bringing in a mix of patterns and peppy pops of color, the black is brightened and helps create a unique contemporary eclectic dining space. While black walls may not be for everyone, consider making a statement by painting one wall of your dining room black. When mixed with warm tones like tan, yellow, green or pale pastels, black makes for a surprisingly chic color story.

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Photo courtesy of Meg Frank / Laurel & Wolf

Orange Glow

Warm colors work wonders in dining rooms, but to avoid going overboard with vibrant tones pair them with monochromatic decor. The vivid orange walls of this dining room are softened by the black-and-white dining table and chairs, however, the contrast still makes for a bold color scheme. Other warm tones like brown and yellow look amazing when infused in small ways, such as the candlesticks, picture frame and chandelier.

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Photo courtesy of Courtney Bates / Laurel & Wolf

Testing Teal

In a dining room with high ceilings, consider testing out a darker palette in some areas. A deep teal makes for a perfect statement wall, especially when paired with a mix of lighter and darker shades — think teak wood floors and white walls with a black table and buffet. Complement your teal wall with similar blue-green hues in other areas of the room.

How to Decorate With the Color Blue


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Organic Shades

Sometimes there’s no need to pull out the paintbrush — you can change up the entire color scheme of your dining room by simply adding an area rug or swapping other décor elements. A dining room with bright white walls and lots of organic materials becomes complete with a deep blue area rug beneath the table. It’s a look that is as fresh as a cool ocean breeze.


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