50 Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

  • Cranberry candles

    For a simple yet stunning centerpiece, place five votive candles (in a variety of Christmas colors) in a line down a red rectangular serving dish. Fill the rest of the dish with cranberries, garnish with a few pine twigs and dust with artificial snow.

  • Holiday tiers

    Display favorite Christmas cards on a tiered stand along with artificial greens, small presents and ornaments.

  • Balls of fun

    Create a colorful centerpiece by filling a silver bowl with an assortment of brightly colored ornaments. Place the bowl on a cake stand and cover the extra space on the cake stand with holly and evergreens.

  • Sparkling accents

    Curiosities such as milk starbursts grab attention in a centerpiece of pinecones and greens. Repurpose serving pieces as candleholders and tiny planters to add charming interest.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: carnations

    Red and white cheer

    Carnations top a rectangular glass vase covered with candy canes. Attach candy canes to the vase with a hot-glue gun; anchor flowers in floral foam. If you like, spray canes with coats of clear acrylic spray to avoid stickiness. Finish with ribbon and mint.

  • Woodland centerpiece

    Woodland table

    For all its lushness, this centerpiece takes minimal effort. Lay a foundation of live moss (available from florists or online) around a focal point, such as a gnarly log or a mound of stones. (The moss stays green for weeks, but it does shed. Lay a protective surface under it.) Forage at crafts stores or nurseries or in your backyard for extras. Tuck fern clippings or tiny potted houseplants in crevices. Scatter real or faux acorns and pinecones. “Plant” a few ceramic toadstools. To finish, nestle glass bud vases, votive candles and tapers around the arrangement for sparkle and color.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: glass bottles

    Clear glass sparkle

    Create a lovely centerpiece with an assortment of clear or lightly tinted glass bottles. Fill some with small glass balls, and add a sprig of boxwood or other greenery. Everyday white dishes look fresh and elegant with a colored linen napkin on top.

  • Pretty platter

    For an easy DIY tablescape, decorate a serving tray with silver ornaments. Tuck in boughs of evergreen for a simple yet elegant centerpiece.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: apples

    Tower of apples

    Green apples are the perfect hue for an easy Christmas display. Fill a glass jar with apples; mix in loose greens for a wintry feel. Place container on a beveled edge mirror (that serves as a table runner). Fill in with additional greens, ball ornaments and candles of different sizes.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: lantern

    Lantern light

    Surround lanterns with fresh greenery and pinecones for a classic, elegant centerpiece. 

  • Fragrant light

    Take advantage of holiday scents by making a fragrant red candle the center of your next Christmas centerpiece. Cut and weave together a bed of artificial evergreen branches. Place the candle in the center of the branches and scatter a collection of colorful ornaments, bells and pinecones around the branches. Garnish with ribbon if desired. Be sure never to leave a burning candle unattended.

  • Woodland charm

    Line a two-tier cake stand with a forest floor of dried moss. Add a dusting of faux snow, then bring the scene to life with evergreen sprigs, pinecones, painted acorns and glass balls. Snow-white tumblers filled with sprigs and pinecones lend height and prop up reindeer cookies.

  • Luminous lights

    Create a modern Christmas feel by using white tape, stickers and other craft store supplies to create snowflakes designs on clear hurricane candle holders. Place candle holders on a silver tray and accent with tinsel, pine twigs and brightly colored ornaments. 

  • Holiday spirit

    If your family celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas, this centerpiece is the perfect blend. Place a menorah on one side of a silver tray and fill the remainder of the tray with colorful ornaments.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: tiny trees

    Tiny trees

    Foot-high yew trees, with root balls nestled in moss, look fresh lined up in a galvanized tray. Anchor with white and purple eggplants for an all-natural centerpiece.

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  • Carnation candles

    This easy red-and-white arrangement complements any Christmas table.

    Fill a large white ceramic bowl with white-and-red-tipped carnations. Stand a white pillar candle in the center of the arrangement. If needed, place the candle on a block for extra height. Use battery-powered candles for safety if you prefer.

  • Oh deer

    Create a pretty winter scene on a white plate covered with artificial snow. Set the plate on a shallow bed of artificial pine twigs. Add tiny trees and deer statues or other animal figures for a woodland look. 

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: ornament under cloche

    Easy elegance

    A few Christmas elements add up to one dashing display! Place a large ball ornament, a single rose and a few evergreen sprigs on a dinner plate. Cover the arrangement with a cloche. To keep the rose fresh, put the stem in a florist’s water tube.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: card tree

    Card-display tree

    Show off Christmas cards on a centerpiece “tree” made with twigs from the yard. Arrange twigs in a pitcher or vase, and clip or tie cards to twig ends. For an added burst of holiday color, weave a red ribbon or piece of rickrack through the display.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: tulips and pinecones

    Natural touches

    Wintry white tulips lend a soft touch to this natural holiday centerpiece. Fill varying sizes of  glassware with fresh flowers and arrange around metallic-sprayed pinecones and silvery ornaments.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: amaryllis

    Amaryllis beauty

    A tall, clear cylindrical vase supports amaryllis blooms in just a few inches of water. Put cranberries in the bottom and wrap a bright red ribbon at the waterline. A sprig of greenery continues the holiday theme. 

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: luminaria

    Luminaria glow

    Transform plain white paper bags into luminarias for an inexpensive centerpiece. Use a large scalloped-edge punch to decorate the bags, then weave ribbon through the openings and secure with tape. Use battery-operated tea lights instead of candles.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: carnations

    Easy flower arrangement

    Create your own customized flower composition by covering coffee cans with wrapping paper and embellishing them with ribbon. Fill with inexpensive white carnations and baby’s breath, plus evergreens cut from your yard.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: scrabble

    Game greeting

    Using Scrabble game tiles, spell out a seasonal message. Place on a platter and accent with ornaments, fresh greens, nuts, berries or ribbons.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: ornaments

    Pyramid of ornaments

    Create a pyramid of solid-color ball ornaments on top of a compote. Use a hot-glue gun or scrapbooking glue dots to adhere ball ornaments to each other. Fill in with loose evergreens. To complete the look, top candlesticks and votive holders with matching ball ornaments.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: white tree

    White Christmas

    Make a mini tree the focal point of the dinner table. For a simple, dreamy look, use a white artificial tree. Anchor it in a tin pail and adorn with white lights and paper stars or other all-white ornaments.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: christmas lights

    Bright idea

    Recycle Christmas bulbs as a quick centerpiece. Place a single pillar candle in a glass dish and fill in with festive-color lights.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: candles

    Snowy scenes

    Create a white Christmas using inexpensive glass cylinders from a crafts store. Place one cylinder inside a larger one, then sprinkle a dusting of fake snow between the two and nestle a sprig of greenery on top of the snow. Add a pillar candle or battery-operated candle inside the center cylinder. Group different size cylinders for your display.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: decorative vases

    Floral fun

    Enliven basic glass vases with Christmas-color scrapbooking papers. Simply cut papers to fit around the vases and secure with double-sided tape. Tie red string (with silver bells attached) around the vases and insert winter bouquets.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: paper trees

    Row of paper trees

    Turn holiday-theme scrapbooking papers into an inexpensive tabletop display. Cut and fold papers to create simple cone “trees” of different sizes. Secure seams with double-sided tape.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: moss and candles

    Merry moss

    For a low centerpiece, fill a tray with moss and votive candles in holiday holders.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: greens and pinecones

    Bountiful bowl

    Fresh loose greens, large pinecones and red pears give a compote a natural look. Tuck in antlers for textural contrast.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: cranberry bowl

    Berry red display

    Fill a bowl with red cranberries, and stick a single red rose in the center. Put the stem in a florist’s water tube to keep the flower fresh. A few evergreen sprigs provide accent color.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: silver candlesticks

    Make candlestick cones

    Top silver candlesticks with silvery painted pinecones for a glittering display. Group several on a tray, and add some blue or silver ornaments for even more impact.

    To paint pinecones, apply several thin coats of metallic silver spray paint.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: ornaments

    Serve up a centerpiece

    To make a showy centerpiece, place solid-color ball ornaments inside a clear-glass vase and “serve” on a silver tray. Sprinkle faux snow over the display, and wrap it up with matching ribbon.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: snow globe cloche

    Snow globe cloche

    Transform a cloche into a snow globe with a few crafts materials. Set a snowman ornament on a layer of fluffy snow. Cover with a bell-shape cloche embellished with rhinestone gems. Scatter snowflake confetti to complete the arrangement. 

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: cranberry candle

    Cranberry glow

    For quick holiday color, surround a cranberry-color candle inside a glass cylinder with fresh cranberries. Add a few sparkly ornaments around the base, and you’re done!

  • Festive tulips

    While tulips are typically considered a spring flower, they make a stunning Christmas arrangement if you can find them. Arrange red tulips alongside pine branches and snowberries (or any white berries) for maximum contrast. Place the arrangement in a metal pail and garnish with a white ribbon.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: paper trees

    Wrapping paper trees

    Trim the dinner table with paper trees in gleeful holiday colors and patterns. For the simplest tree, shown in fuchsia, wrap paper around a foam cone. Trim to fit, and secure with pushpins. Overlapping circle cutouts create the scalloped look of the chartreuse tree. Make shapes with a circle punch (available at scrapbooking stores); then attach with glue. For the apple-green looped tree, fold a sheet of paper in half, securing with spray adhesive. Cut 1×5-inch paper strips. Starting at the bottom, layer looped strips, securing with pushpins, to cover the foam cone. Grouped trees form a striking centerpiece.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: old photos

    Focus on family

    Make family photos the focus of your centerpiece. Choose pics from Christmases past for a trip down memory lane. Place two photos back-to-back on memo clips, so you’ll be able to see a picture no matter where you sit. Set photos on a cake stand or plate using frosted gel memo cubes or clay. 

  • Carnation candle holders

    Encircle glass hurricanes with carnation “wreaths” for a pretty Christmas tabletop. Create the wreaths with florist foam wreath bases, scarlet carnations and small ball ornaments.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: amaryllis

    Long-stemmed beauty

    Spectacular yet easy, our long-stemmed amaryllis centerpiece sparkles in its tall glass vase. A length of sheer ribbon holds the stems together.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: wreath

    Centerpiece of greens

    A clear container nestled in a green wreath holds bright green ornaments and a spray of mixed evergreens, all set off by a red tablecloth. Matching green wreaths hang in the dining room window. 

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: rose and holly

    Easy and elegant

    Create this pretty centerpiece in just a couple of minutes. Float roses and a few evergreen twigs inside a clear container, and surround with holly. Build on a clear tray or platter, and you’ve got an easily portable decoration!

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: sparkle candles

    Sparkly candles

    Add homemade sparkle to your candle centerpieces. Coat candles with Mod Podge, then roll in epsom salt for a sparkly, snow-covered effect. Arrange on a tray filled with more epsom salt and finish with a few sprigs of holly or other greens.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: ornaments on a tray

    Tray chic

    A fancy vintage silver tray becomes a standout centerpiece when dressed with glowing tea lights, several glitzy ornaments, fresh cedar branches and a single pinecone.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: stacked centerpiece

    All mixed up

    Stack three or four mixing bowls to create tiers for displaying mini ornaments, dried pods or nuts, clipped greens, hard candies, ribbons, tinsel or fruits. To prevent the mixing bowls from sitting too low, place a cereal bowl upside down between each layer.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: fruit and candles

    Fruit fillers

    Place pillar candles, evergreen branches, pinecones and clementines on a beveled-edge mirror for a nature-inspired tabletop arrangement. Don’t like orange? Bring in green pears or red apples for traditional holiday color.

  • Pinecone tree

    Pinecone tree

    This pinecone tree is worth showing off until winter is past. Stand branches in a clear cylindrical vase, adding small pinecones and glass or plastic balls filled with greenery to support the branches. Hang small pinecones and tiny snowflake ornaments from the branches. 

  • Apple of your eye

    This simple Christmas centerpiece feels both fresh and traditional. For instructions on how to make it, see our step-by-step slideshow or short video.

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