5 Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas (Tied Up with a Bow)



This is the perfect addition to a craft room. If you’re (unlike the aforementioned) a perennial present-gifter, or avid crafter, try investing in stylish craft furniture, like this gift-wrap hutch from Martha Stewart Living by the Home Decorators Collection. It features sturdy dowels to support and display your pretty paper selections, and offers cubbies for your gift-wrapping needs, like tape dispensers and gift tags. Try pairing it with a flat-file cabinet to create the ultimate craft storage space.




If you need a wrapping station on the go, try keeping your wrapping supplies in a Go-Anywhere Bucket. All you need is a large plastic bucket and a belted garden caddy — voila! This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a designated wrapping station and needs to keep their gift wrap in the basement or attic. When you need it, just bring the entire station up (or downstairs) to a more comfortable setting and wrap there!




It’s easy to turn a piece of inexpensive pegboard into a storage and gift-wrapping station — and it’s also a great alternative for small spaces. With a few hooks, clips, and wooden dowls from your local hardware store, you can easily fashion a convenient place to store tubes of paper, spools or ribbon, and other odds and ends.




If your wrapping paper is only needed once a year, say around the holidays, make sure that it doesn’t get cramped in a closet for the rest of the year. Get the most of out of your paper supply by storing them in art-supply and packaging tubes. This will ensure they don’t get crushed in the back of your closet. This method also offers some protection from the elements if you’re storing them outside, like in a garage. Label the outside of the tubes for easy reference.


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Under-bed storage can sometimes be cumbersome and unsightly. Creating your own storage unit, however, can be a chic (and unique!) way to store your wrapping supplies. Mount an inexpensive tabletop on casters, add a few hardware pieces, and you’re all set to wrap like a pro. The best part? The casters make it easy to slide in and out of reach, and mounted holders keep all of your supplies firmly in place.


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If you are going to go through all this trouble to create the perfect wrapping station, you better be sure your wrapping is up to par. In case you need it, here’s a video of Martha demonstrating the perfect wrapping technique.