5 tips to brighten up your garden looking good in winter

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean your garden has to go to shambles.

Make sure it’s beautiful year-round, and that it won’t scare off any potential buyers, with these handy tips.

Winter flowers

Many flowers need a great deal of sunshine, heat and humidity to flourish, meaning when winter rolls around your

However, don’t give up. Invest in some winter flowers and plants such as hellebores (p perfectly manicured garden can disappear without a trace.lant in a semi-shady area), the Algerian iris (plant in a sunny spot) and aconites (plant in a shady area under trees) to add some colour to your dreary space.

Also adding some berries, like dogwood or cranberries, can be the perfect way to brighten up your garden whilst doubling as ingredients for some delicious winter deserts and drinks.

Add some berries, like dogwood or cranberries, to brighten up your garden.

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Winter veggies

Many vegetables can thrive in winter including root veggies, cabbage and lettuce, however there are some important things to consider.

Firstly drainage – you don’t want your veggies to get too wet so having a raised garden is your best bet.

Veggie garden

Secondly, they need as much sunlight as possible, so make sure they’re planted in an open space, away from trees.

A veggie garden in a raised bed against a north-facing wall (to block prevailing southerly winds) is the ideal spot.

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Feed the birds

A winter birdhouse is perfect for bringing some lively animals to your backyard. Both a beautiful feature for your garden and kind to the cold and hungry birds, you can stock your feeder with black oil sunflower seeds, a hearty meal for almost any visitor. Make sure to stay away from mixers with a lot of oats and millet.


The winter palette shouldn’t be colour crazy – that’s best left to summer. Instead it should be cool and crisp, with a mix of whites and greens, and a hint of red.

Bellerive Streets

The best way to ensure your garden fits into this, whilst also looking good year-round, is to plant a lot of evergreens.

The most striking are topiarised evergreens, like box and yew; however, if you really want your garden to say winter wonderland, don’t forget the occasional fir.

Clean your outdoor spaces

Sweep and clean your patio, decking and balcony regularly. Falling leaves and wet weather can easily create slippery surfaces and if left may start to rot.

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Treat any wooden surfaces or outbuildings with a weather protection wood preserver to prevent damage and colour fading. And store away any outdoor furniture that is susceptible to deterioration in bad weather.

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