4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Giving Flowers for Mother’s Day


Photography by: Aaron Dyer

Make it Special for Mom

Ask your florist to create an arrangement of her favorite colors, or fragrance. Better yet, send your mother a hidden message through the symbolism of your chosen blooms. Each kind comes with a meaning. According to floral experts, the violet symbolizes loyalty and devotion, while Lily-of-the-valley evokes sweetness.



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Making a DIY bouquet

Or better yet, why buy a prearranged bouquet when you can create your own? Stop by the florist shop and buy blooms individually to arrange for a bigger personalized bouquet; or if you’re lucky enough to grow your own flowers in a backyard garden, select the best of your homegrown blooms for a handpicked bouquet. To make them last longer, cut the stems at an angle and change the water every day. Use floral preservatives, or aspirin as a homemade remedy tends to work as well. If you cut them ahead of time, keep them out of direct sunlight for the first day or two – the overexposure can prompt them to wilt prematurely.


How to Put Together Your Own Mother’s Day Bouquet

Personalize the presentation

There’s more than one way to display a bouquet, a vase being the classic choice. But think beyond the classically-arranged bouquet: use painted mason jars, wooden stumps, nautilus shells, and even teacups. And any bouquet — handpicked or store-bought — becomes especially giftworthy when it’s wrapped in prettily patterned paper.


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Ordering online

You can save yourself the hustle and bustle of a trip to the florist shop this time of year by ordering flowers online. But be warned: you may be disappointed when they arrive in a condition that doesn’t exactly fit the picture and description. We recommend buying flowers with smaller blooms (big-headed blooms, like hydrangeas and peonies) are more likely to droop en route. Be leery of bouquets that are full of baby’s breath and over-abundant greenery — these detract from the beauty of the main blooms, not to mention, they’re likely to be overpriced. If you’re looking for budget-friendly bouquet, it helps to know what’s in season. This time of year, flowers such as carnations, peonies, tulips, and daffodils, are abundant. To ensure that Mom gets the freshest, longest lasting flowers, place your order and pay 2-3 weeks in advance, but choose a delivery time closer to the holiday.


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