4 Ideas for Stylish Indoor Plant Displays

  • Classy glass

    Unexpected containers turn inexpensive small houseplants into showstoppers. Instead of investing in the usual decorative pots, spotlight plants in glass vases. Layers of stone or moss keep soil moist, and the high, clear sides of the glass vessels protect plants for a favorable growing environment. A twisty branch can add a bit of drama.

  • Orchid options

    Dispel orchids’ diva reputation by providing an environment that meets their needs in a pretty yet simple way. Layered pebbles in these displays allow excess water to drain, preventing root rot while maintaining helpful humidity. Place plants in a cool spot that gets 1–3 hours of indirect light a day, and allow planting medium to dry out between waterings. These beautiful bloomers (available at most home improvement stores) are stars on their own or in a terrarium with a supporting cast of various ferns arranged among driftwood, rocks and layers of moss. Branches or sticks support blooms that can last up to a couple of months.

  • In the air

    Trendy airplants absorb most of their nutrients from the air through their leaves (no soil needed). So it seems natural to display them in suspended orbs. Plants lie on colored sand, and geodes and crystals enhance the out-of-this-world look. Their care is simple: Submerge each plant in water for an hour once a week. 

  • Stylish succulents

    Honor the sun-loving, drought-tolerant nature of these tiny cactus relatives in mini desert or beach landscapes. Conceal their pots under sand adorned with stones, coral, starfish or shells inside glass vases and bowls. 

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