3 Things to Consider Before Starting a Landscaping Project

[MUSIC] If I’m starting a landscaping project, the three things that I would consider is what is my overall goal. What am I trying to accomplish Is it curb appeal? A larger entertainment space? Is it lawn space or activity space for the kids and the family? Is it transition from one place to the other? There that I’m currently lacking, I would say what is the overall goal of the project before you embark on it? How do you plan on getting that goal accomplished? Are you planning on designing it and building it yourself? Are you planning on hiring an expert like a landscape architect to design it? So have an understanding on how you plan on getting there during that planning stage. And what is your budget? Kind of a rule of thumb that I tell homeowners is you really wanna try and be in the 12 to 15% value of your home. That’s really what you should carry on into your landscape. It makes a huge Difference, and a lot of times people will come to homes, or they’ll purchase homes that are for sale, and they’ll say, I don’t know what it was, but it was just right. And I think if you get that awe factor, it was just right, that’s the difference between a thoroughly thought out great, mature designed landscape, versus somebody who doesn’t have that. [BLANK_AUDIO]