3 Spellbinding Ideas for a Witch Pumpkin


Photography by: johnny Mi l l e r

The kind of witch we love is the classic image that comes to mind: a malicious grin, a crooked nose, a pointy hat, and a green, warty complexion. For this project, we actually used Hubbard squashes — they come with that perfect lumpy, greenish-gray rind.

Make the Witch Jack-o’-Lanterns


Ever feel like someone’s watching you? Psst, you might want to look behind you. That creepy, spine-tingling feeling is expected around Halloween time, but never more so than when you have this witch’s glowing eyes surveying the living room. Using our carve-by-color technique, you scrape away the pumpkin’s skin and saw holes in strategic spots to create a multidimensional design.

Make the Witch Silhouette Pumpkin


A little too scary? This petite pair of miniature pumpkin creatures will appeal to the smaller kids, who can find everything they need to decorate them around your home (think: cat ears made from construction paper and the witch’s black drapes made from a plastic cup). Have fun conjuring up a haunted scene — gather a pile of dead leaves, a few sturdy twigs, and the hollowed-out bottom half of an apple as a “cauldron” filled to the brim with candy corn treats. But don’t let their cuteness fool you … it’s Halloween, after all.

Make the Mini Witch and Cat Pumpkins