3 Sparkler-Inspired Party Decorations

The Sparkler-on-a-Stick

This pom-pom is a fun, patriotic addition to your party. Use tissue paper as well as silver Mylar paper to create a festive array of colors with a pop of metallic shine.




Red, white, and various shades of blue tissue paper


Fringe cutter, by Martha Stewart Crafts $25, michaels.com


Mylar paper


Wooden dowel, 1/4 inch, $1, homedepot.com


Double-sided tape


Card stock



1. Fold a sheet of tissue paper into thirds vertically. Cut one edge so you have 3 stacked strips, then fringe them using the cutter. Repeat with two more sheets of tissue paper.


2. Cut a strip of Mylar paper to match tissue paper segments; fringe.


3. Layer fringed segments together. Roll up on end of dowel, applying tape repeatedly along unfringed edge of tissue paper as you roll.


4. Cut a cone of card stock and wrap the base around the pom-pom. Tape to secure.



Little Fringy Picks

Sometimes, all you need is a tiny sparkle for some real shine. These tasseled crafts are made with smaller wooden dowels and splatter-painted tissue paper — you’ll use only one strip of tissue paper per pick, so the splatter paint is a fun way to add color. Here, fringe scissors ensure the tassels are just teeny-tiny enough to make a brilliant spray. These picks go great in Fourth of July cocktails or atop a firework-themed cake!




Fringe scissors


Red, white, and various colors of blue tissue paper, splatter-painted if you like


Mylar paper


Small wooden dowels, 1/4 inch, Creatology, $3, michaels.com


Double-sided tape



1. Begin with small strips of tissue paper, roughly 2 inches by 6 inches. Take one sheet and, using the fringe scissors, cut crosswise about halfway up the tissue paper. 


2. Repeat down the length of the tissue paper; you should now have a small strip of fringed paper. 


3. Cut the paper in half; it will be easier to wrap around the dowel if it’s around 2 to 3 inches long. Place a strip of double-sided tape directly on the tissue paper, parallel to the fringed side.


4. Place the end of the dowel onto one end of the tape at an angle. Gently, roll the dowel so that the tissue paper wraps itself around the dowel. To make a clean pick, snip off the very end of the tissue when you finish rolling.



Sprayed Spider Mums

Match your flowers to the occasion! Spider mums are great flowers for fireworks-themed decor — they already look like brilliant pops of light and color. To add a little more boom-sparkle-pop, we’ve sprayed a bit of our own color to these ebullient flowers. 




Spider mums, preferably light in color


Spray paint in gold, silver, orange, and red


Various vases — both small and large



1. Making sure you’re in a well-ventilated space, hold the mum by the stem and away from your face. Hold the can about 10 inches from the head of the flower; spray. You really need to coat only the tips of the petals; it will give a nice ombre effect.


2. Repeat with remaining flowers, trying out various colors. We like reds, orange, and metallics, but feel free to try your own! Fireworks come in all sorts.


3. Cut the stems of the flowers and arrange loosely in a white (or colorless) vase. You only really need a few mums for an arrangement — the color will do all the talking, and the spidery petals need room to shine. We like even just one spider mum in a small vase — a single, elegant firework.