3 easy edible garden projects

Have you ever dreamed of filling your kitchen with home-grown produce? You aren’t alone.

More and more homeowners are keen to grow veggies and herbs. It’s easy, healthy and is a great way to get the kids eating fresh because if they are involved with growing it, they will be keen to reap the rewards and eat them.

A veggie garden is one of the top five things Australians aspire to have at home, according to the Adbri Great Australian Backyard survey.

Here are some simple ideas to help you get started on growing your own produce.

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1. Set up a vegetable or flower planter box

One of the easiest ways to create a separate vegetable garden or herb patch is with garden edging blocks.

Most can stack together like building blocks without the need for any concrete, mortar or glue.

Some blocks can be used to create straight lines, curved lines and even a full circle meaning there is a shape and style to compliment every yard.

ADBRI_gardenBlocks can help you create a vegetable or herb patch in your outdoor space.

2. Create a raised garden wall

Maximise limited space by building a raised garden wall against household walls, fences or balconies.

For smaller spaces try smaller blocks which are easy to build with.

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3. Build a vertical garden wall

Rather than having a lot of pot plants, build a vertical garden wall. There are plenty of different kits available from your local nursery.

This structure is perfect for small flowering bulbs such as daffodils or herbs.

Adrbi_block-gardenA vertical garden saves space and looks great.

Simply stack blocks dry or glue the backs to your existing wall. I advise building longer walls as opposed to higher walls, they’re easier to service and have greater stability.

Nothing tastes as good as something you have grown yourself. Everyone has a green thumb. They just have to let it out.

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