3 DIY Halloween Treat Bags: Video

Make 3 different kinds of spooky treat bags this Halloween (Ghost Bags, Bat Bags and Skeleton Bags) using the same materials! Then fill the bags with Halloween treats or pack lunches for your little trick-or-treaters!


  • white paper bags
  • black card stock paper
  • white crayon
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • googly eyes




    1. Lay your paper bag flat and glue large googly eyes to the upper section of the bag towards the opening end.
    2. Cut out an oval mouth from black card stock paper in the shape of a kidney bean. Glue the mouth onto the bag below the eyes.


    1. Repeat the same steps for gluing on the ghost googly eyes to make your skeleton treat bag.
    2. Cut out a rounded, triangular shape with a indentation on the bottom for the nose. Cut a long, thin strip and three shorter strips of card stock paper for the mouth. Lay the long strip horizontally and the three strips should vertically to form the mouth. Glue everything onto the bag.


    1. Using a white crayon, draw a bat shape onto black card stock paper.
    2. Cut out the bat shape and glue it onto the bag.
    3. Glue two large googly eyes and glue them onto the bat face.