2014 Golden Shovel Awards for Best Gardening Product

Golden Shovel Award - Editors ChoiceAt the end of each year, the Gardening Products Review takes a close look at all of the products we’ve reviewed that year. We then award up to five products with the Golden Shovel Award for outstanding garden product.

In 2014, we had a lot a fabulous products to choose from, including some new introductions, as well as some that have been around the block a few times. Our reviewers weighed in with their favorites and we also heard from many of our readers. We revisited some of the products that we reviewed earlier in the year, checked how well products were holding up after extended use, and looked at which items got the most use from our testers and home gardeners.

After weighing the pros and cons of all of the gardening products, we’re proud to announce the 2014 winners of the Golden Shovel Awards!

2014 Golden Shovel Award Winners – Editor’s Choice

Review of Bear Wallow rose gauntlet glovesBear Wallow Gloves Rose Gauntlets – At first glance, these gauntlet-style gloves look like a pair of regular leather gardening gloves with a sleeve sewn on. Kind of a home-made look (which makes sense – they’re hand-made right here in the USA). But don’t let that fool you – these are hands down the absolute best pair of gardening gloves I’ve ever used for pruning roses..

HERShovel-featuredHERShovel Ergonomic Shovel for Women – HERS® is a hybrid tool that combines the features of both shovel and spade, designed with women’s bodies, height, and digging style in mind. Women will find that it offers lighter weight, improved leverage, and larger capacity than most shovels.

Root Assassin shovel reviewRoot Assassin Shovel – One look at the Root Assassin shovel’s saw-toothed blade, and you know this tool means business. Often hybrid tools end up doing neither job well but this easy-to-use shovel not only cuts easily through root-infested soil, it also prunes branches and sinks into turf easily.

Spear Head Spade reviewSpear Head Spade – This precision digging tool combines some of the best characteristics of a spade with a garden axe or knife. Lightweight yet sturdy, it makes quick work of a wide range of garden tasks. It is a great addition to the tool shed—but not a replacement for other shovels. What it does, it does much, much better than less specialized digging tools.

2014 Golden Shovel Award Winner – Reader’s Choice

We also give a Readers’ Choice Award based on votes from our readers. Here’s the 2014 winner …

Shovel Sling ReviewShovel Sling – The Shovel Sling solves a common frustration for gardeners with a well-designed, quality product that’s easy to use. It’s a unique contraption that lets you easily carry up to 70 lbs of long-handled tools with just one hand. If it’s over 22 inches long, the Shovel Sling can carry the load for you.

Congratulations to all of the winners!