20 Unique And Modern Room Dividers

Privacy is number one priority while we are in our homes. One will have better privacy when there are walls separating each room. For those interiors that have large rooms and no space for walls, there are other solutions such as room dividers. They have proven to be extremely practical in dividing the space and making impact on the overall look of the interior. As there are numerous different styles and shapes of room dividers they came up to be used as decorative elements apart from their main function. Check how you may incorporate a room divider for your own home in my collection of 20 Unique And Contemporary Room Dividers. 


Square Wood Partitions


Image via: notey.com

Horizontal Wood Room Divider

This divider is compatible for home and office. It gives a neat and orderly put look of the interior.



Image via: ebay.com.au


Vertical Wood Room Divider


Image via: houzz.com

Luminaire Room Dividers


Image via: lesilluminaires.fr

Cool Geometric Dividers

Geometric forms are widely used for home decor. There are many awesome designs of room dividers using these forms. You will see one white and cool decorative divider.


Image via: apartmenttherapy.com

Metal Geometric Partition


Image via: sortra.com

Modern Wood Shelves Divider

To get maximum out of your living space, one should use each element at its best. That is the case with room dividers. I have found for you a modern wood divider that has large shelves for a better usage of the space and keeping its main function.


Image via: rhondaepeterson.blogspot.com

Massive Curtain Divider


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Contemporary Partitions With Lighting Elements


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Modern 3D Room Divider

Who is in for some 3D shapes. You will find them here.