20 small garden ideas – how to design and create an oasis at home


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Small garden ideas are very useful for houses with limited outdoor space. There are some simple rules which will guarantee that your garden will look harmonious and will bring you joy.

Small garden ideas – the first step to impeccable design

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The particularity of small gardens is they can be viewed at one glance and the limited space often makes you make choices. You will not be able to plant in your garden all the plants that you like and add all the elements that you like or all the decorations that you like. We have collected some fabulous small garden ideas to help you arrange a beautiful small garden by yourself.

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The first step in your small garden design is to get rid of the mess and clutter. If you want your garden to look clean, try to find a place where you can store your things. Remember that a small garden is not a place for storage so try to remove anything that is not necessary, and create space for the garden and provide access to it.

Small garden ideas – colors and perspectives

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The colors in a small garden should also be limited. Cold colors make the garden appear larger. You can compensate for the limited color palette with a variety of structures. Try to get the maximum of space by placing elements in a harmonious way. Change levels as the different heights deceive the eye and create a visual effect of a bigger space. Working with perspectives is always a good idea because in this way the small space will appear larger.

Small garden ideas for plants and flowers


Carefully select what plants and flowers you will grow in your garden. Look at the small garden ideas in the gallery and see some fantastic suggestions. If the central part of a small garden is occupied by a lawn the space seems as if it is larger than it actually is. Choose evergreen shrubs to surround the lawn.

The advantages of a small garden

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Small gardens have their own appeal. They are an extension of the home and show the feelings and tastes of the owner. Planning the design of a small garden is much easier. It needs a smaller number of plants to create dramatic effects. Another very important element in the design of a small garden is the proper lighting, especially if you want to enjoy your garden after dark. It is necessary to equip the garden with landscape lighting and you can enjoy having dinner in the evening hours in the open air. LED lamps, recessed floor or deck lights perfectly emphasize the difference in level height. The lights will help you create accents on certain plants or flower pots. You can use solar lights or portable light fixtures which can be used both in the garden and on the terrace. Last but not least, a small garden is much easier to maintain, isn’t it?

Go vertical and plant a wall garden

small space garden design small garden ideas vertical wall garden

Keep simple lines and colors

small garden ideas planning woden floor planters small trees

Separate the space visually

beautiful small garden ideas lawn bench wooden garden fence privacy protection

 Think of suitable lighting

small garden ideas garden path deck area outdoor furniure

Play with perspectives

garden design ideas curved garden path lawn flower beds

Do not buy over-sized outdoor furniture

minimalist garden small garden design wooden deck lawn

Get rid of clutter and mess

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 Carefully plan the types of plants

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