1920’s Flapper Headbands: Video

Kids love imaginary play, and making costume pieces is a great way to encourage this! When kids make costumes from another era, they are transported to that place in time through their imaginations. Today’s craft, a 1920s-era flapper headband, is a fantastic example of this: the 1920s was a decade of change. Fashion styles, popular dances, and music trends reflected this. Feather headbands were popular accessories during this time.


  • thin cardboard (such as cereal box cardboard)
  • white paint and a paintbrush or white poster board paper
  • feathers
  • scissors
  • colorful card stock paper
  • a glue stick
  • a hole puncher
  • yarn


    1. Headband longTo use recycled cereal boxes for this craft, first break them open and paint them white. Allow them to dry. If you don’t have thin cardboard around or want to skip the painting step, use white poster paper as a replacement.

    2. Once your paint dries, cut a strip of cardboard (or poster paper) about 11 or 12 inches long and about 3 inches wide.

    3. Depending on what you want your headband to look like, you can layer the feathers and shapes on it in any order. Choose a few feathers (or a shape) and with your glue stick, glue directly onto the cardboard band.

    4. Continue layering until you’ve created your design. For this example, we’ve simply glued feathers first, then a shape on top of them. There are no rules; the layering technique is a guideline for you to create the general look of the headbands.

    5. Once you’ve created your design, punch two holes in each end of the cardboard strip.

    6. String yarn through the holes and tie it so that you have two long pieces of yarn on each end.

    7. Tie the yarn ends together around your head and you are finished and ready to play!

    That’s all, folks! Or, as they would say in the 1920s, “Great job! And how!”